C.A.D – Computer Aided Design

Let’s talk serious help for planning your event…

Planning an event in a marquee can be a bit scary. There are lots of questions to ask. At Hyde Park Hire you will find a clever tool to help you with your marquee questions. Party CAD is a clever computer program developed in the party capital of the world – California . They really know how to throw a party there, and to help their clients plan their parties a smart Californian called Hank has developed a really good tool for planning marquee layouts, to scale, so that you know exactly how your marquee will look when it is finished, before the event. You will have no nasty surprises on the day.


Event Planning Services
Computer Assisted Design

Hyde Park Hire will help you to decide how big you need your marquee to be, and then you can make some choices about the layout you prefer. There are lots of things to take into account:

  • The size of the space
  • The view from the space
  • Do you have to provide space for your caterer?
  • Where will the toilets go?
  • What shape tables do you like?
  • How many guests will be at each table?
  • Where will everyone sit?
  • This is for our wedding, what will the Bridal Table look like?
  • What will we see from the bridal table?
  • Can everyone see the bridal table?
  • How much space do I need between each table for the waiters to get through?
  • Where will we put the bar?
  • Where will we put the dance floor?
  • How much room does the band need?
  • Where will the guests enter the marquee?

The best way to get started is a site visit. We will come to your chosen site, to meet you and discuss with you your vision for the event. No matter what type of event you are planning, corporate hospitality, a wedding, a birthday, we know you will find this tool to be a great help.

Following are several case studies, showing the plans and the finished event. Each one was planned perfectly and the hosts were confident that when the marquee arrived on the truck that everyone knew what was happening.

Case Study 1

The marquee was for a birthday party. The dance floor was in a marquee erected over a lake so meticulous planning was required prior to the event. A scaffolding platform was erected in the lake and the first marquee was put up on the platform. Then the main marquee went up next, followed by a marquee to house the toilets, and finally the entrance/kitchen was erected. This complex was for a customer who was fully involved in the planning. He required the highest attention to detail and the very best quality available. The marquees were located in a corner of a very beautiful garden and the Hyde Park Hire team had the utmost respect for this wonderful environment. The night went without a hitch – showing the benefits of proper planning and how Party CAD was so important in achieving the final result.

CAD Plan for Marquee Birthday Party

Case Study 2

This event was a summer wedding near Christchurch in a large garden. The family had several spaces available in the garden to put the marquee, and Party CAD was very helpful to them when they where deciding where to locate the marquee. Together we were able to measure the garden areas and scale the marquees onto the spaces in the computer. The wedding was fantastic.

CAD Plan for a party

Case Study 3

This marquee was for a wedding in a paddock beside the bride’s family home. The relationship of all the marquees to each other was critical. The entrance was through a narrow gateway from the garden and the guests parked their cars on the far side of the marquee and walked around the marquee to the garden, where pre dinner drinks were held. The marquee interior was kept a secret until the guests were invited to take their seats for the reception.

CAD Plan for a weeding

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